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How to Layout Your Food Plots for Deer Hunting

With Brad Farris
Food plots can be a daunting task, especially for beginners. In this tip, Brad demystifies them and explains the best way to lay out a food plot.
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Model: 58581
  • Low-till, no heavy equipment required
  • Faster germination & establishment with proprietary seed coating
  • Mixture of quality clovers for success in wider variety of conditions and regions
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Model: 58580
  • Low- till, no heavy equipment required
  • Fast-growing, high-attracting
  • Mix of Turnips, Canola, and Rape seed
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Model: 58584
  • Easy-to-establish, high-volume food source
  • Mix of Oats, Wheat, Winter Peas, Sweet Clover, and Turnips
  • Consistent attraction from early to late hunting seasons
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Model: 58582
  • Low-til, no heavy equipment required
  • Fast-growing, easy-establish
  • Mix of quality grains, clovers, brassicas, and ryegrass
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Over the past 20 or so years food plots have evolved into an absolute art. From giant green fields, tucked-away-bean fields, or to kill plots in that acorn flat in the back 40, there are a million different ways to plant food plots. With Primos food plot seed we help you spend less time researching food plots, and more time hunting over them. Whether it’s perennial or annual, clover or brassicas, our Take Out Seed has you covered on what, when, and how to plant it. Our fall food plot mix  delivers a high volume easy to plant plot mix that consists of 5 different easily established seeds. We try to save you time and money and put you in your stand more than worrying if your plots will grow or not. Our objective with all of our food plot mixes is for you to plant it, forget it, and then hunt it.