Waterfowl Hunting

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Ducks and geese are among the leeriest most stubborn of birds to lure in close. But after decades of listening, learning, tinkering and tweaking, Will Primos and the call makers of Primos have learned more than a thing or two. We’ll teach you how to make convincing calls, from ringing out a hi-ball, to finishing them with a double cluck and the right time to use them to get ducks and geese in your lap.
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Team Primos
There are hundreds of different duck calls on the market at hundreds of different price points. In this video, Will tries to simplify the process for beginners all the way up through more advanced callers.
Team Primos
Welcome to Waterfowl Week! In this video Will breaks down the different parts of a duck call and how they all work together to fool even the toughest of ducks.
Team Primos
How you put your lips on the call is important, but equally as important and often times overlooked is how you hold the call.