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How Use a Turkey Mouth Call Part One

With Troy Ruiz
Troy Ruiz teaches you the very basics of using a mouth, or diaphragm turkey call in this step by step tutorial.
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  • Includes: WRP Signature Series Mouth Call Call (1226)
  • Power Crow (330)
  • Tall Timber Gabriel Box Call (2915)
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  • Includes: Early Bird Box Call (PS2961)
  • Power Crystal (217)
  • Classic Crow (PS375)
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Best Seller
Model: 1226
  • One Latex Reed and Two Super-Thin Prophylactic Reeds with Tuning Fork Cut in Top Reed
  • Includes: Pin Box
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  • Includes: Mossy Oak Yelper 2 Pak (PS1231)
  • Clear Cutter Box Call (PS244)
  • Rare Breed Slate (PS2904)
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Best Seller
Model: 2915
  • Dual Thumbhole Positions For Clucks & Cuts
  • Premium Sapele & Purple Heart Wood
  • Laser Engraved
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Model: PS2903
  • Wood cup and sound board
  • One-piece Striker
  • CNC Milled Pot
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Best Seller
Model: 330
  • Loudest locator available
  • Can be used as a turkey locator call or a crow hunting call
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Model: 628
  • Three pieces of wax-free chalk
  • Plastic carrying case
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Best Seller
Model: PS102
  • Single frame
  • Two thin prophylactic reeds create an easy-to-use, sensitive call
  • Use firm tongue pressure for clear notes or loose tongue pressure for raspy calls
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Best Seller
Model: PS222
  • Super loud and easy to use
  • Patented silencer cap eliminates untimely sounds while moving through the woods; a great safety feature
  • One-handed operation for jake gobbling or two-handed for mature gobbling
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Model: PS124
  • Diamond Yelper
  • A-Frame Triple with Diamond Cut
  • Diamond Cutter
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Best Seller
Model: 668
  • U.S. Patent No. 6,540,582
  • 5-in-1 friction call conditioner
  • Unique design includes stone, diamond screen, chalk, and two conditioning pads
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From the beginning of Primos in 1976, Turkey Calls have been the cornerstone of Primos Hunting Calls. In 1983 Will began assembling what would one day become the premier leader of hunting call manufacturers. It all began with mouth calls but has grown to have a plethora of pot callsslate callsbox calls, and push pin calls. Will took pride in not only knowing his turkey call worked, but proving it as well. He produced videos and sound tapes displaying the power of a Primos turkey call. Whether you are a sit and wait hunter, or a run-and-gun type, Primos has a vast selection of turkey calls that will fit your style and ability.