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Model: 687
  • Purple Heart Striker
  • GraveDigger Striker
  • Wet Weather Acrylic Striker
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Model: PS1508
  • Custom striker with mushroom shaped tip that is very forgiving
  • Great for producing sharp cutting sounds
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Model: PS1510
  • 2 of the best strikers in one kit
  • Cuttin’ Striker allows for great sharp cutting sounds of a hen with its mushroom shaped tip
  • Kee-Kee Striker allows for great kee-kee runs with its tapered tip
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Model: PS1504
  • Reacts on any surface with unmatched precision
  • Crafted from a single piece of laminated hardwood
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Model: 217
  • Crystal surface is super-hard, creating calls that peak at 15,000 Hz
  • Includes hardwood striker
  • Includes conditioning pad and super abrasive sandpaper
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Model: PS298
  • Tone holes allow infinite range in controlling sound
  • Pennsylvania slate surface
  • One-Piece Striker
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Model: PS2903
  • Wood cup and sound board
  • One-piece Striker
  • CNC Milled Pot
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Model: PS224
  • Easiest to use
  • Most forgiving friction call
  • Made from the finest Pennsylvania Slate
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Model: 2914
  • Resurrected traditional design
  • Exotic hardwood and Pennsylvania slate
  • CNC milled
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Model: PS2906
  • Proven pot design
  • Mossy Oak Original Bottomland Pot
  • Glass Surface
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Model: PS2921
  • Exotic hardwood hand selected by master call makers
  • Intricate art, precision craftsmanship, and exceptional sound
  • Two one-piece wood strikers with cut knurled guide for handling
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Model: 299
  • Tone holes allow infinite range in controlling sound
  • Desirable frictionite surface
  • Exotic hardwood pot
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