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Model: PS930
  • The most accurate and consistent cow call you'll ever hear
  • Fool-proof operation: simply push for perfect cow elk sounds every time
  • Tunable design produces mews, Lost cow calls and Estrus cow sounds
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Model: PS752
  • Sharp and Responsive Grunts
  • Duplicates the challenge wheeze of a mature buck
  • Rotating wrist strap to keep the call ready, in any position
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Model: 906
  • Pretuned! No adjustment needed
  • Unlike latex reeds, Primos silicone reeds can last an entire season
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Model: 866
  • Easy-to-blow, short reed goose call
  • Patented ditches will not allow the call to stick
  • Patented reed system lets you disassemble the call for cleaning and put it back together perfectly every time
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Model: 944
  • One for Each Hand
  • Create Herd Talk
  • A Great Value
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Model: PS932
  • Sliding tray holds and protects diaphragm
  • Easy lip alignment on mouthpiece allows for proper airflow and control
  • Retract slide to protect the diaphragm when not in use
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Model: 373
  • Reproduces all five calls of the grey squirrel and fox squirrel's language
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Model: 159
  • One thin latex reed
  • 30º angle of sound plate
  • Reproduces cow, calf, and satellite bull sounds
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Model: 939
  • Compact Bugle for easy Carry with Amplifier End
  • Produces Calf, Cow and Bull Sounds
  • Bugle Extends from 13” to 19”
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Model: PS157
  • One thin latex reed
  • Extremely sensitive
  • 16º angle of sound plate
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Model: 133
  • Sentry Plate Single (Model No. 158) Cow, calf, and spike bull sounds
  • Ivory Plate Single (Model No. 159) Cow, calf and satellite bull sounds
  • Imperial Plate Double (Model No. 160) Cow and herd bull sounds
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Best Seller
Model: PS7064
  • Original Estrus Bleat for the rut
  • Quiet Carry Thumbhole
  • #1 Deer Call of All Time
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