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Model: 2915
  • Dual Thumbhole Positions For Clucks & Cuts
  • Premium Sapele & Purple Heart Wood
  • Laser Engraved
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Starting from $10.99
  • Includes: WRP Signature Series Mouth Call Call (1226)
  • Power Crow (330)
  • Tall Timber Gabriel Box Call (2915)
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Model: 1226
  • One Latex Reed and Two Super-Thin Prophylactic Reeds with Tuning Fork Cut in Top Reed
  • Includes: Pin Box
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Model: 628
  • Three pieces of wax-free chalk
  • Plastic carrying case
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Starting from $6.99
  • Includes: Early Bird Box Call (PS2961)
  • Power Crystal (217)
  • Classic Crow (PS375)
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Model: PS102
  • Single frame
  • Two thin prophylactic reeds create an easy-to-use, sensitive call
  • Use firm tongue pressure for clear notes or loose tongue pressure for raspy calls
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Model: 330
  • Loudest locator available
  • Can be used as a turkey locator call or a crow hunting call
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Model: PS124
  • Diamond Yelper
  • A-Frame Triple with Diamond Cut
  • Diamond Cutter
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Model: PS375
Price reduced from $20.99 to $17.84
  • Built in back pressure allows greater control and wide range in sound
  • Laser engraved wood
  • Best crow call Primos® has crafted
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Model: PS2904
  • CNC milled pot
  • Wood cup and sound board
  • One-piece striker
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Model: PS108
  • Stacked Double-Frame
  • Two Super-Thin Prophylactic
  • Reeds - One in Each Frame
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Best Seller
Model: 331
  • Design allows for super-loud locating
  • Improved design keeps reeds from sticking due to over blowing
  • The use of back pressure lets you vary tones and pitches
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