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Model: 906
  • Pretuned! No adjustment needed
  • Unlike latex reeds, Primos silicone reeds can last an entire season
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Model: PS157
  • One thin latex reed
  • Extremely sensitive
  • 16º angle of sound plate
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Model: 3755
  • Preprogrammed with 36 sounds and 4 full sets of Expert Hunts (10 to 20 min. calling sequence by Randy Anderson that are proven to bring coyotes in!!)
  • Holds up to 500 Sounds
  • Turbo Charged 25 Watt Amplifier
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Model: 160
  • Two thin latex reeds with “V” cut in bottom reed
  • Angle of the sound plate is set at 30 degrees
  • Reproduces raspy cow and herd bull sounds
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Model: 1482
  • Prophylactic focused calls
  • One Latex Reed Two Prophylactic Reeds
  • Most Versatile call to make all the sounds of a hen turkey
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Model: 619
  • Designed to give your mouth calls more life
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Model: 1650
  • Mini Sonic Dome Double
  • Sonic Dome Single
  • Sonic Dome Triple
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Model: PS109
  • A stacked triple-frame call
  • One thin prophylactic reed in each frame – Reeds are separated by 1/16″, preventing them from sticking.
  • This call does everything from soft to loud with raspy tones
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Model: PS110
  • A stacked double-frame call
  • Three thin prophylactic reeds: one in top frame, two in bottom frame – Reeds are separated by 1/16″, preventing them from sticking
  • Produces raspy yelps, clucks, cuts, and cackles with a slightly higher pitch than the True Double (Model No. 108)
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Model: PS904
  • Resonator End duplicates an elk's voice chamber for accurate nasal elk tones
  • Patented “Support Shelf” mouthpiece enables you to reproduce bugles and cow calls accurately and easily with little air pressure
  • Comes with patented Blue “Snap-On” Reed that is long lasting, giving you perfect tension and tones every time
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Model: 1641
  • One Latex Reed
  • Reproduces Cow, Calf and Satellite Bull Sounds
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Model: 302
  • Super raspy
  • Excellent turkey locator
  • Great for calling crows
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