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Accessories & Gear

Accessories & Gear


Gen 2 Gobbler Turkey Vest
Truth Tested
4 options

The Gobbler ® Vest Gen 2 is the perfect vest for turkey hunters who want it all when it comes to comfortable concealment, smart storage, and durable construction. Customized and quiet pockets keep everything you need in the field organized and at-the-ready, including special pockets for four pot calls, mouth calls, decoy stakes, and much more!

Features & Specs
  • Updated fabric
  • Zippered pockets
  • Molded pot call pockets; hold two pot calls each
  • Mouth call purse pockets
  • Decoy stake pocket
  • Updated back padding for a comfortable sit against any tree
  • Thermacell/accessory straps
  • Available in Mossy Oak Greenleaf and Realtree Xtra Green
Rocker Strap Vest
4 options
$122.99 - $123.99

The Rocker Vest is the perfect vest for hunters who want the ultimate in comfortable concealment, smart storage, and durable construction. The flip down lounge seat provides solid, comfortable back support so you can sit in any spot and lean back comfortably without a tree behind you. Molded pot call and box call pockets keep your calls protected and easily accessible. A waterproof cell phone pocket allows you to use your phone without taking it out. Stay cool and quenched with a handy hydration bladder pocket. And keep everything you need in the field organized and at-the-ready with extra pockets gear, calls, and stakes.

Features & Specs
  • Flip down lounge seat with back support allows you to sit anywhere in seconds
  • Molded pot call and box call pockets keeps your calls protected
  • Waterproof cell phone pocket you can use your phone in
  • Decoy stake pocket
  • Hydration bladder pocket (bladder not included)
Primos Bow Vest Gen 2
Truth Tested
4 options

Don’t let the simple name fool you. The Primos Bow Vest Gen 2 is loaded with features that leaves other vests behind. The new adjustable fit system allows you to tighten, loosen and adjust on the fly for the perfect fit in varying situations. The vented back and hand warmer pockets help you stay cooler in the heat and warmer in the cold. We even added holes to tuck your backpack waistband into so your waist area stays snug when you draw your bow or reach into your pockets.

Features & Specs
  • New adjustable fit system
  • Vented back for warm early season days
  • Holes on side to tuck your backpack waistband inside your vest
  • Hand warmer pockets
  • Available in Mossy Oak® Bottomland™ and Realtree® Xtra Green™
Gunhunter's Vest
5 options
$68.99 - $71.99

The GunHunter’s Vest™ keeps everything that is essential to gun and muzzloader hunters stored and organized. Jimmy Primos and members of the Primos® Team have been working on perfecting this vest for 3 years. All the features of the GunHunter’s Vest™ are here to keep you organized, comfortable and ready to make the shot. The GunHunter’s Vest™ has hand warmer pockets, large button pockets on the exterior for binoculars with interior shot gun shell loops.

Features & Specs
  • License tag holder on the back
  • Elastic shooting stick pocket
  • Safety harness opening
  • Interior pocket for walkie talkie or cell phone
  • Two large interior pockets for extra storage
  • Pull down PVC waterproof lining, to keep you dry no matter where you sit, with hook and loop fastner that store inside when not in use
Orange Safety Vest
Model 6365

Our Safety Vest is constructed with material that stays silent in cold weather. It has a hook and loop closure which is easy-to-use especially when wearing bulky clothes. The open sides with elastic connection provide comfortable wear over heavy coats.

Features & Specs
  • Blaze orange
  • Stays silent in cold weather