Best Gift Packs For Hunters 2021

Best Gift Packs For Hunters 2021

An easy guide for grabbing the perfect holiday gift pack for any hunter!

This year, you can skip all the brainstorming, scrolling and asking around to find a great gift for your hunter. We’ve made it easy for you to get it all done right here and save a bundle right now. Our hunters grouped the perfect gift packs to fit any hunters preference —deer, turkey, bowhunting, duck, and more!


Deer Hunter
Gift Pack
Even if they’re fully prepared to bag a big buck this year, deer hunters are always happy to find new gear under the tree. With two of Primos’ classic deer calls, plus Fightin’ Horns to draw in the big bucks and our best-selling hat in Mossy Oak Bottomland, they’ll be grinnin’ all the way to the stand.
BUY NOW FOR: $62.86
Ruttin Buck Gift Bundle
15% Off

Deer Hunter Essentials
Gift Pack
Hunters know success often comes down to the essentials. Load up the stocking with 3 of Primos top-selling, easy-to-use calls: The Hardwood grunter for loud grunts, the Rattle Bag for callin' big bucks to a battle, and the Lil' Can for quivering Doe Bleats. Plus our handy Wind Checker!
BUY NOW FOR: $37.56
Deer Essential Gift Bundle
15% Off



Turkey Hunter
Gift Pack
Give your Turkey hunter a head start on Spring gobblers with three turkey hunting calls Team Primos relies on season after season. The Crow Call is our go-to, cranky crow call to shock Toms into speaking up. The Turkey Box Call makes it easy to sound like two hens, and the Gobbler Shaker makes authentic gobbles with a simple shake.
BUY NOW FOR: $61.17
Turkey Hunter Gift Bundle
15% Off
Starting from $8.99

Duck Hunter's
Gift Pack
Duck hunters have a short window to Speak The Language. This pack gives them three of our famous duck calls to do just that. The famous Original Wench with raspy high and lows, The Nag to nudge call-shy mallards into landing, and the easy-to-use Feedin’ Mallard to mimic a mallard’s feeding call. Plus our 5 Call Lanyard to keep them handy!
BUY NOW FOR: $56.91
Duck Hunter Gift Bundle
15% Off



Primos Custom Mill Shop
Custom Mill Shop
Great Gifts for Outdoorsmen
Custom-made by us, custom-given by you. Think of us as the North Pole for hunter gifts. We offer custom turkey calls, custom deer calls, and custom hunting accessories.

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