Best Gifts For Hunters 2020

Best Gifts For Hunters 2021

20 gifts for hunters from $1-$529
to make them truly happy.

Here’s the truth about finding great gifts for hunters: It’s not about what you spend, it’s about knowing what they can really use to have more fun at the sport they love. Don't worry, we did all the work. This hunter-approved Top 20 Wish list is loaded with gift ideas from ground blinds to deer calls, ranging from $1 to $529. Let’s get started.
Tree Accessory HooK

Tree Accessory Hook

It's no fun to get up in a tree stand and realize you don’t have enough hooks to hang your gear. Grab a dozen of these rubber coated tree hooks with self-starting threads and fill that stocking!
Buy for .99
The Original Can Doe Bleat

The Original Can

The top-selling, easiest to use deer call ever. Hunters simply turn the can upside down and The Can does all the work, emitting an authentic doe bleat that beckons every buck nearby.
Buy For $9.99
Rifle & Shotgun Cleaning Kit

Rifle/Shotgun Cleaning Kit

For over 100 years, hunters have trusted Hoppe’s. This complete cleaning kit for any rifle or shotgun makes a great, useful gift at an amazing price.
Buy For $18.45
How To Call Deer DVD Pack

How To Call Deer DVD Pack

Primos Hunting has perfected the art of calling game in close. This training DVD includes two top-selling deer calls, plus lessons to make any deer hunter better at calling in the big bucks.
Buy For $26.99
Bloodhunter HD Head Lamp

Bloodhunter Head Lamp

The hands-free version of the HD Pocket Light, this head lamp has one setting for hiking into hunting spots, and one with a red-intensifying filter to make blood spots more visible when tracking animals.
Buy For $32.99
Neoprene Bow Sling

Neoprene Bow Sling

This bow sling protects valuable bows as hunters tote them through thick woods and tough terrain. A perfect gift for any bowhunter!
Buy For $37.99
Personalized Calls, Boot Pullers & Mounts

Personalized Gifts

At Primos Custom Mill Shop, you can personalize hand-crafted game calls, boot pullers or deer mounts with laser-engraved name, date, and more. One-of-a-kind gifts, made in America!
Buy for $55-$150
Bloodhunter HD Pocket Light

Bloodhunter Pocket Light

In the low light dawn and dusk, hunters need a reliable way to see blood trails quickly. The ultra-handy Bloodhunter HD intensifies red blood drops on earth tones of leaves and dirt.
Buy For $60.99 $45.74
Black Onyx Trigger Sticks

Black Onyx Trigger Sticks

This GunHunter’s Vest keeps ammo, binoculars, rangefinders, game calls hand warmers and more stored and organized.
Buy For $59.99
Mathews Engage Limb Legs

Mathews Engage Limb Legs

These Limb Legs balance a hunter’s bow while protecting the cam or stabilizer from damage on the ground. Designed for wide limb platforms.
Buy For $79.99
SurroundView Stakeout Hunting Blind

Stakeout Hunting Blind

The Stakeout has two one-way see through walls, so hunters can see every movement without peeking around or above the blind to steal a glance.
Buy For $99.99
Polaris Multi-Function Cab Light

Polaris Multi-Function Cab Light

This super-handy Cab Light mounts to light up a UTV’s interior, or can be removed to use as a flashlight in and around the vehicle.
Buy For $104.99
Drake Synthetic Double Down Vest

Drake Double Down Vest

Drake Waterfowl is a hunter favorite for superior outerwear. This versatile vest comes in 4 colors with synthetic down insulation and a durable polyester shell.
Buy for $119.99
Trigger Stick Shooting Support

GEN 3 Crossbow Trigger Sticks

For a steady shot when the moment matters most, hunters count on Trigger Sticks. The handy trigger allows one-handed adjustments without ever taking your eye off their target!
Buy For $109.99
Bushnell Prime 1300 Laser Rangefinder

Prime 1300 Rangefinder

With an all-glass optical system, 40% larger objective lens Prime Rangefinders are 2X Brighter. Pair the unmatched brightness with an easy-to-see LCD Display, and ARC, and you’re set to hit the woods.
Buy for $149.99
Will Primos Turkey Vest

Will Primos Turkey Vest

Designed by Will Primos himself, trust us when we say that every pocket has a job to do! The ultimate armory for going to war with even the toughest of gobblers out there.
Buy for $199.99
Bushnell CORE DS Trail Camera

Bushnell CORE DS-4K

The CORE™ DS-4K offers dual sensors for high quality images day and night and checks all the boxes successful hunters want the most
Buy for $199.99
SurroundView Max Ground Blind

SurroundView Max Blind

This is the blind includes full 180° one-way see-through view, plus a built-in sun visor to maintain maximum vision when the sun is at its lowest at sunrise or sunset.
Buy for $399.99
SurroundView Max Ground Blind

Surroundview Double Wide Blind

The Double Wide gives you 300 degrees of one way see through viewing and the Double Wide door gives you more room to get in and out even with your backpack and thickest winter gear.
Buy For $499.99
Camp Chef SmokePro XT Pellet Grill


Bring the savory simplicity of the XT Pellet Grill to your back patio and change the way you cook outdoors.
Buy for $529.99