TRUTH Web Series Episode 7 - Will Primos Mississippi

Will is sheltering in place this week on the TRUTH Web Series, and is hunting a property only a few miles from his house. Jordan and Will have been hunting these turkeys for the past few days, and have been getting their butt whooped! This morning they’re chasing gobbles, and trying to get to an area these birds like to use. It’s a great morning, as a cold front moved through and the conditions are perfect, as they sneak through the hardwood bottoms of Central Mississippi. Unfortunately on their way in they bump a bird off the roost, but still have another group fired up down the ridge from them! Will gets on his “go-to” Tall Timber Gabriel, doing a fly down cackle, and uses a turkey wing to imitate a flock of turkeys flying down. The birds are using a big ridge, and Jordan and Will try to sneak around and get in a better position. Wilbur then uses a combination of his Tall Timber Box Call and Rare Breed Slate to talk a gobbler into range! It works as planned with one hang-up! Stop back next week to see if will can redeem himself with the shelter in place gobbler!