TRUTH Web Series Episode 6 - Mississippi Longbeards

Nobody said killing a longbeard in Mississippi was easy! Lake and Jordan have been hunting hard for the last week, and have had their fair share of close calls! When Lake’s behind the gun, a few misses are almost guaranteed. On day 3 the boys are still grinding and after hearing one fade away from their roosting spot, Lake and Jordan spring into action! Lake first tries to strike the gobbler they heard with his Rare Breed Slate but it wasn’t carrying far enough for the bird to hear, so Jordan breaks out the go to gobbler getter! Sure enough the Tall Timber Gabriel Box Call gets him to take the bait. They rush into position, and get a photoform hen in the middle of the crossing, anticipating the longbeard to be right on top of them in no time. Lake switches over to his mouth call, and sure enough, a bird pops up over the hill coming right down the gun barrel. The old bird has the high ground, and sits up there strutting for 30 minutes, waiting for the hen he heard to come his way. Just in the nick of time, a hen starts yelping and cutting right behind Lake and Jordan, and nothing beats a live bird doing the talking for you! He breaks strut and makes his way down the road, right into a 2 oz load off TSS!