TRUTH Web Series Episode 5 - Sweet Home Alabama

This week on the TRUTH Web Series Jimmy and Troy are in Eutaw Alabama to hunt with Dan Garnand. After a quick rain shower on the road, they get to Dan’s land and it’s absolutely loaded with turkey sign! Jimmy, Dan and Troy were greeted by a star-studded night sky and a perfect morning if you’re a turkey hunter. They set-up on the same road that was scouted the evening before, and the birds are cuttin’ up! It didn’t matter if it was an owl, crow, or even a gunshot, the birds were absolutely hammering! Jimmy is perched in his wingman chair, and Dan backs up, with his Tall Timber Gabriel, to help pull them to Jimmy and prevent them from hanging up. As Dan lays on the charmin’ chit chat, the gobbles keep getting closer and closer. All of a sudden 4 longbeards pop out of the woods in gun range, and Jimmy is all over em’!