TRUTH Web Series Episode 3 - Florida

We’re wrapping up Florida this week on the TRUTH Web Series. As we get deeper into March, the turkey action continues to get better! Troy is behind the gun for the last hunt in Florida, and it doesn’t take us long to get into turkeys. After some late afternoon scouting, we try to pinpoint exactly where the birds are roosting and where they are headed to the next morning! We break day behind Killer-B and the Photoform Hen, but it seems like whenever you roost a turkey, they always go the other way! Fortunately we know where they are traveling, and spot them across a small pasture. After letting them ease out of the pasture, we get set-up with the same decoy combo, and start calling!  It doesn’t seem like it’s going to work out for us this round, but just as lunch time rolls around, two South Florida Longbeards work back into the pasture. They are headed to our decoys on a bee line, and only takes a little coaxing from Troy! Just like that, we’re wrapping up Florida! Next week, we’re back in Mississippi and the birds are behaving! Come back on Thursday for some classic Mississippi Timber turkey hunts on the TRUTH Web Series!