How to Use a Mouth Call Part 1


Turkey mouth calls are some of the most versatile calls that are made. Thankfully, Primos offers a wide variety of shapes, sounds, and number of reeds to suit a beginner or a seasoned professional. Being able to yelp, cut, purr, and create other turkey sounds with one call helps you remain stealthy and convincing to that ole long beard. Mouth calls are a great way to cover a large vocal range and still be cost effective. 

Using a mouth call can be difficult to start, but once you are past the gag reflex it can and most likely will become the most versatile tool you have in your Turkey Vest.



Start by trying not to mimic the professional or competition callers you see and hear on youtube or TV. Take a step back and get back to the basics - great calling comes from great fundamentals.


Using a mouth call can be tricky, when you are first starting out your biggest dilema will be overcoming your gag reflex. This is something that you will naturally overcome with time. The more time you spend with the mouth calls in your mouth, the quicker you will get used to having a call that far bback on your tongue. We suggest starting with a basic call or a multi-pack to find a call that fits you best from the start. But if you still have a bit of reflex, try sliding that call forward a bit and see how it goes! 



In my opinion, the number of reeds is strictly up to the caller. A single reed call is going to be easier to blow, where a triple reed call is going to give you more range and rasp. Meeting in the middle with a double reed call is always a good choice, it will take you from the beginning stages all the to being able to make all the turkey sounds you need to make. Check out our mouth calls and try one out.



Each mouth call has a piece of tape that creates a seal with the roof of your mouth. That tape can be trimmed and shaped to fit your mouth the best. A good seal is crucial to creating accurate turkey sounds. Get you a few cheaper mouth calls and a pair of scissors and cut them and bend them until they fit and give you the sound you are going for.




Primos Hunting- Stream the Language. Hey folks, I'm Troy Ruiz. Over here Primos Hunting Calls we get asked all the time: What do I have to do-- what's the first step in learning how to use a mouth call? And in today's world, especially with the world of social media and all the information highways that we have a lot of people are spending a lot of time listening to a lot of great callers especially in the world of competition calling. I will tell you this those guys are absolutely incredible, but if you're trying to learn and how to call and sound like them you need to put that all aside and start with the basics and start with a very most important thing that makes all the difference in the world when it comes to blowing a mouth call or a mouth diaphragm in the turkey world and the very first thing you want to learn is or get past is can I withstand the gag reflex. There's a lot of people that really can't have anything in their mouth because of that gag reflex and I will tell you this get you a very inexpensive call a little single reed mouth call or a little double reed call or whatever and just get used to having a mouth call in your mouth that far an object in your mouth some people can do it some people can't but just try it. Just take the call with the horseshoe end facing out and set it round about the middle part of your tongue, hold it in your teeth set it on your tongue and pushing straight to the roof of your mouth. If it goes too far back you will get I'm used to blowing turkey calls them and blowing them for 30 years I push this call too far back I'm going to gag. So if you gag the very first time you put it in your mouth try to slide it a little bit further front and see if you can withstand the gag reflex and get the call where it needs to be. We're just getting used to having the turkey call in your mouth on the roof of your mouth taking it in and out putting back and practice that see if you have a problem with it, just set it there, talk with it, take it out, put it off to the side of your mouth, take it out, put it back and just get used to it. If you do have a gag reflex and you seem to not be able to get past the gag reflex, we can try this again. Some people can't have a mouth diaphragm in the mouth because of that gag reflex, but what you can do is if you do have a gag reflex a lot of times it's because the tape is too big on that particular call. Here at Primos we came up with a call of the hacked off series of calls that has a line that is built into the call it's actually printed on the call and what you do is trim that call about a sixteenth of an inch off each line and trim it put it in your mouth see how it does. If you still gag go down to the next line, and trim it again and put it in your mouth. You'd be amazed at how many people will trim that first line off and it makes all the difference in the world being able to get past that gag reflex. So the first step in learning how to use a mouth call is seeing if you have the gag reflex and what you have to do to get past the gag reflex.