How To Setup A Ground Blind

If you are new to ground blind hunting and just purchased your first blind, slow down and learn how to set it up quickly and correctly. Being efficient in the setup process can go a long way in the field.

Hub style blinds such as the Double Bull XXX is one of the most popular blinds on the market today. Setup and take down is quick and easy, but only if you know how to properly set it up and take it down. By following the steps below, you can avoid frustration and possibly damage your blind during this process.

Setting Up Your Ground Blind

Step 1: So we're going to start by finding one of the outside walls, preferably the one that has the windows of the door, and get it out first. You will want to stretch the fabric out and make sure all the creases are out so you can find a nice flat outside wall.

Step 2: Grab the strap that's on the hub and just yank it. Now that is the first outside wall that you have popped out.

Step 3: The second panel to pop out is always the roof. To find the roof, go to the opposite side, and find the panel that is in the middle. The roof is easy to find because it doesn't have any windows or doors or holes in it.

Step 4: Grab the strap for the roof and pull it. Now that you have the roof popped out, You are ready for the final steps.

Step 5: Simply walk around the blind and pull out the remaining walls. It doesn't matter the order in which you pull out the walls.

Now that we have the blind up, taking it down can be a challenge as well especially when you're by yourself because again the fabric on the new blinds is really taut the more you can put it up and take it down and use the blind the easier it gets, but especially when it's fresh out of the box it can be a little bit challenging. We're going to step out this process and literally you will follow the same steps as setup but in reverse order.

Taking Down a Ground Blind

With the blind set up, follow these steps for tear down.

Step 1: Pop 3 of the walls in

Step 2: Pop the roof down

Step 3: Pop the last remaining wall in

Once all of the walls have been popped in, the blind should fall into a neat pile so that you can easily pack it up.


Even though you follow the exact steps above, the hubs can get themselves in a bind. If when you pop in all walls and roof, the blind does not fold down upon itself correctly, the following steps will help remedy this situation.

Step 1: Lay the blind to where you can see the inside of the blind (black side) and can view where 4-5 hubs are all in a pile in the middle of the wall.

Step 2: Place the bottom edge of the wall on the ground and step on the blind as close to the two bottom corners as possible pinning the bottom of the wall to the ground.

Step 3: Grab the two rods of the rightmost hub in one hand. While holding them, reach up to the top left corner and push the corner away from you. This should free the hubs that are in the bind causing the blind to fall into its intended pile ready for packing up.

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