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Product Support

Our Product Support team can answer any question regarding ALL Primos Products. They also handle request for replacement parts for ground blinds and game calls and questions regarding the function of game cameras and predator calls. View our Online Knowledge Base or CLICK HERE to contact us directly.


Primos is not accepting applications from online only dealers at this time.

We distribute our products through a network of wholesale customers. To qualify as a Primos dealer, you must maintain a brick and mortar store front.

If you are interested in becoming a dealer of Primos products and have a brick and mortar store front, please click on New Dealer Inquiries and fill out the New Dealer Lead form. This information will be reviewed by our sales team and you will contacted directly to begin the process.

Order Entry

If you have a problem with an order, an item missing from shipment, need a tracking number, order status, or need to change/cancel order, please contact our Order Entry department for details.


We can’t have all the great ideas, so we appreciate your interest in sharing your ideas with Primos.  Please know that we receive hundreds of submissions every year, so we must follow this process.
  1. Fill out this form so we know generally what type of product you have.  DO NOT disclose any proprietary or confidential information on this form.  Submit the form by using the link at the bottom of the form.  We will let you know if we are interested in learning more or not.
  1. If we want to know more, we will send you a Non-Disclosure Agreement to be signed and returned to our office along with a working prototype for our team to examine and evaluate.  Do not submit an idea unless you have a working prototype.  We will not accept ideas that have not been reduced to practice.  Once the Product Development Team has evaluated your prototype, we will let you know if we are interested in taking the next step or not. 

International Sales

Contact Primos International Sales for product availability, pricing, shipping options and more.

Public Relations

If you are looking for general information about Primos Hunting, please contact our Public Relations department.


Follow this link to view employment opportunities.

Team Primos/Video

If you have a question for Team Primos this is the place to ask. Ask about the equipment they use, outfitters, experiences, and more.


If you are having issues with the function of our website, please contact the webmaster.

Non-profit request

Primos Hunting offers a Non-Profit organization Fundraiser Program.  This program is setup to offer products at a discount to help raise money for you organization. Contact us for a Fundraiser Program Guide. ONLY applies to non-profit organization.

Promotion Questions

Please call (866) 269-5194 for rebate and promotion related questions.


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