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  • Web Series
  • Season 1
  • 2018 Turkey Season Show 4 - Sooner Gobblers Part 2
2018 Turkey Season Show 4

Sooner Gobblers Part 2

2018 Turkey Season

The prairie wind has arrived, and it’s roaring across Oklahoma. Jordan decides a porta-potty would make for a great wind break, in an area we had been seeing turkeys the past few days! The wind can be brutal for calling turkeys for a couple of reasons. First, the gobblers can’t hear your call as well, and two, it’s hard to locate turkeys when you can’t hear them Gobble. This makes it extremely hard to prospect, so the guys decide to sit in an area that was thick with birds and wait ‘em out! Not soon after they set-up a pair of birds come across the pasture a few hundred yards out. Jordan gets loud on the Tall Timber Box Call, and gets their attention. We’ll never know if they were going to come in, because a strutter comes out of woodwork and likes what he sees! With two hours of daylight, it ain’t over yet! This area is filthy with birds, and a box call is just what the doctor ordered for the Oklahoma wind. A Gobbler comes struttin’ in from behind the outhouse and Lake blows down a long spurred joker! Not to be outdone, Jimmy and Jordan head back to the same area the next day and jump in the SurroundView Blind. The SurroundView blind is great for a situation where you need a full 360 view, and Jimmy is sitting in the drivers seat in the middle of a field. The sun is beaming in on them, but while Jimmy and the guys can see out, the birds can’t see in. Again, there are turkeys everywhere, and 3 longbeards come a little too close to Jimmy’s boomstick! What a trip to Oklahoma! But hold the phone! It isn’t over yet, Troy and Jordan are across the field from Jimmy and not 15 minutes after Jimmy pulls the trigger, another gobbler is bearing down on Troy! Now that’s a good time chasing Rios!