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  • Web Series
  • Season 1
  • 2018 Turkey Season Show 5 - Appalachia Strutters
2018 Turkey Season Show 5

Appalachia Strutters

2018 Turkey Season

There are few things on this earth more beautiful than hearing a gobbler’s roar echo through the hollers of the Appalachians. Will and Brad head up into the mountains of Tennessee and Kentucky in search of gobbling turkeys! Unfortunately, day one brought a nasty cold front, but the next day they were greeted with a bluebird morning! It doesn’t take long before Brad strikes a gobbler with his Classic Crow, and they quickly back up to a deadfall to start calling. The birds are chirping, and the longbeards are hollerin’! The bird Brad struck comes in on the side hill and hangs up! Fortunately, he’s in range and Brad sends one before Mr. Gobbler gets away. Wilbur is down in a bottom sitting with Killer-B, and a Gobbstopper hen, and gets a  pair of gobblers all fired up with his slate call. He doesn’t even have a chance to get his mask on, before these jokers are on top of them! The next day Brad is in a picturesque draw, and is greeted by a strutter and a trio of jakes coming right down main street to eye his pair of decoys. On the last morning, Brad and Will tag team on top of the mountain for the last morning’s hunt, and are on ‘em right from the get go! Four Gobblers come looking for Brad’s charmin’ chit chat, and see Killer-B! Let’s just say Will and Brad in the turkey woods are a force to be reckoned with!