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  • Truth Tested
  • Season 19
  • Episode 15 - Hot n' Heavy New Mexico Bulls
Episode 15

Hot n' Heavy New Mexico Bulls

Will and Troy are behind the bow this week, and the bulls are screaming! A memorable day in the mountains!

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Episode In Depth

This week on the TRUTH Troy & Will have one of those days in the mountains they’ll never forget! On this hunt the guys find a large group of 300-400+ Elk all together with multiple bulls. In many situations this can making calling them more difficult, because of the many eyes and ears.  Will & Troy snuck as close as possible, ending up within 150 yards of the herd and with Brad calling in the background tried to pull elk in the set-up.
A quick note about setting up for calling elk – It’s very important to have your shooters in position ready to go with an arrow knocked because a bull can cover 150 yards in a split second and the last thing you want to do is have a giant in your lap without an arrow nocked and ready. The same principle applies to turkey hunting, you never know if a quiet gobbler is sitting just outside of eyesight.
Will was up to bat first and behind him calling was Troy and Brad. One of Brad’s go to locator calls to get the elk fired up is the Timberline Open Reed call, because of it’s high pitched and loud tone. He has confidence in it, and is able to replicate perfect cow sounds every single time. Will was using a combination of the Mewie Grande and the Bullet Bugle. They used a combination of bugles and cow calls to really fire up the herd, and sure enough cows and calves started pouring into the set-up. Just as mother nature intended it, the bulls started following trying to figure out who was the intruding bull and to collect his harem. A good bull came by at 25 yards and Will stopped him with a mouth call and sent an arrow flying.

After taking a quick break for lunch, Troy was up to bat and man o’ man what a hunt! After moving 100 yards closer to the herd, the cows and calves read the script perfectly and were within feet of Troy and Jordan filming. Will and Brad are notorious for using the combination of the Hoochie Mama and Baby Hoochie in conjunction with a diaphragm call to get the herd worked into a tizzy. You’re able to use both Hoochies, and the mouth call to sound like 3 different elk at once, and it flat out works!
The end result was 2 elk hitting the New Mexico dirt within 3 hours of each other, and both Troy’s and Will’s Elk fell within 150 yards of each other. You can find new episodes of Primos TRUTH About Hunting on the Outdoor Channel Tuesdays at 7:00 PM and Sundays at 9:30 PM Eastern times. If you want to learn more about hunting and calling elk, check out the learn tab for more information.