PRIMOS HUNTING - Rocker Vest New Product

Rocker Vest

The Rocker Vest is the perfect vest for hunters who want the ultimate in comfortable concealment, smart storage, and durable…

MSRP: $123.45

PRIMOS HUNTING - Gobbler ® Vest Gen 2 New Product

Gobbler ® Vest Gen 2

The Gobbler ® Vest Gen 2 is the perfect vest for turkey hunters who want it all when it comes…

MSRP: $98.45

PRIMOS HUNTING - Bowhunter Vest Gen 2 New Product

Bowhunter Vest Gen 2

Don’t let the simple name fool you. The Primos Bow Vest Gen 2 is loaded with features that leaves other…

MSRP: $75.95

PRIMOS HUNTING - GunHunter’s Vest™

GunHunter’s Vest™

The GunHunter’s Vest™ keeps everything that is essential to gun and muzzloader hunters stored and organized. Jimmy Primos and members…

MSRP: $68.95 to $71.95


Safety Vest

Our Safety Vest is constructed with material that stays silent in cold weather. It has a hook and loop closure…

MSRP: $7.95

PRIMOS HUNTING - Scoped Rifle Case

Scoped Rifle Case

The Primos® Scoped Rifle Case is constructed with a high-density foam padding on the inside and water resistant canvas material…

MSRP: $46.45


Twin Cheeks™

When you need to wait in your stand or on the ground for hours, you need a cushion that makes…

MSRP: $13.95