PRIMOS HUNTING - Visi Shot Turkey Target New Product

Visi Shot Turkey Target

The Visi Shot Turkey Target finally allows users to see where and how their shots are pattering. Providing an X-ray of…

MSRP: $13.45

PRIMOS HUNTING - Wingman Chair New Product

Wingman Chair

The Wingman Chair is just that! The best Wingman you’ll ever bring into the woods. For your back that is! Staying…

MSRP: $60.95

PRIMOS HUNTING - Hook Hunter Mouth Call Case

Hook Hunter Mouth Call Case

The Hook Hunter™ Mouth Call Case is a versatile way to store up to 8 mouth calls. You can wear…

MSRP: $11.45


Lock Jaw™

Many experienced turkey hunters have adopted ways to keep their box calls silent as they move through the woods. They…

MSRP: $4.95


Slick Stick™

The Slick Stick™ is your complete conditioning system. From cleaning your striker, to chalking your favorite box call, it has…

MSRP: $10.95


Box Call Chalk

Primos® makes the finest friction calls on the market. Keep them sounding sweet with our wax-free Box Call Chalk. INSTRUCTIONS

MSRP: $2.95

PRIMOS HUNTING - Shotgun Patterning Turkey Target

Shotgun Patterning Turkey Target

Don’t aim at the head! Half of your pattern will pass above the gobbler. The proper point of aim is…

MSRP: $3.95

PRIMOS HUNTING - No-Lose™ Call Case

No-Lose™ Call Case

The No-Lose™ Call Case protects and prolongs the life of your turkey, elk, and predator mouth calls. It is designed…

MSRP: $5.95

PRIMOS HUNTING - See Thru Call Case

See Thru Call Case

Designed to carry, organize, and protect your mouth calls whether they are Traditional™, Sonic Dome®, Sound Plate™, A-Frame™ or PiggyBack®.…

MSRP: $1.95