Red Spot™ Syrup 1 Gallon

Model No. 58827
PRIMOS HUNTING - Red Spot™ Syrup 1 Gallon
  • Designed to stick to surfaces for longer attractant. Red Spot™ Syrup attracts up to 2x more deer with Vitamins & Beet root powder. The vitamins and minerals in Red Spot™ are vital to support year round health of deer. Vitamins A, D, & E aid in the absorption of calcium & phosphorus which affects deer skeletal structure, rack growth and does fawning nutrition. Simply pour Red Spot™ Syrup over a stump or straight on to the ground and begin to not only attract more deer but create a healthier herd.


    • Attracts up to 2x more deer
    • Sustained release formula will keep deer coming back to lick, paw and dig
    • Made with premium organic and natural food-grade ingredients
    • Scientifically formulated with sodium chloride and trace minerals
    • 1 gallon



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