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Why would you want a reed with the patented “Sound Plate™” feature?

1. Your chance for success depends on how accurately you reproduce the elk language. 2. The “Sound Plate™” automatically positions the call at the right angle, which allows you to reproduce both cow and bull language with one call (no more switching calls).

3. The “Sound Plate™” also supports the reeds so they won’t ever stretch like conventional reeds – they will last an entire season!

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  • Sentry Plate™ Single (Model No. 158) Cow, calf, and spike bull sounds
  • Ivory Plate™ Single (Model No. 159) Cow, calf and satellite bull sounds
  • Imperial Plate™ Double (Model No. 160) Cow and herd bull sounds
  • Hyper Plate™ Double (Model No. 161) Estrus™ Cow and raspy herd bull sounds