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Elk Calls

Elk Calls

Bullet Bugle
Truth Tested
Model 946

The Bullet Bugle™ is a compact bugle built for the field that gets its design from the competition stage. Its patented Support Shelf™ mouthpiece enables you to reproduce accurate bugles and cow calls with variable tones.

Bullet Bugle can make sounds pretty big. Lock in the reed and you're ready to go. This call can be tricky, so make sure to check out the video to get the perfect sound!

Features & Specs
  • Compact design allows for easy carry and variable sounds
  • Patented mouthpiece and Support Shelf™ with Blue Reed
  • Soft flexible chamber allows for quiet and easy carry
Baffle Bugle
Model 938

The Baffle Bugle allows you to precisely control volume while maintaining the high pitched bugles that bulls make. We put a baffle in the tube that opens for greater volume or closes for back pressure, so you can bugle those high pitched bugles with lower volume just like the bulls do.


So if you want a bugle that growls, bugles, and chuckles with adjustable volume, then you want the Baffle Bugle.

Features & Specs
  • Two Blue “Snap-On” Reeds
  • Camo Cover
  • Patented “Support Shelf” Mouth piece
  • Protective Rubber Cap
  • Single Lanyard
  • Baffle Bugle Hose with Bulb and Resonator End
Terminator Elk System
Model PS904

The Terminator™ Elk System was made for accurate and easy to duplicate elk sounds. The Terminator™ can be used with any of our elk mouth diaphragm calls, but it especially works well with our Sound Plate™ calls. It is excellent for bull elk glunking! This is the state-of-the-art design for reproducing accurate elk resonance and tone!

Features & Specs
  • Resonator End duplicates an elk’s voice chamber for accurate nasal elk tones
  • Patented “Support Shelf™” mouthpiece enables you to reproduce bugles and cow calls accurately and easily with little air pressure
  • Comes with patented Blue “Snap-On™” Reed that is long lasting, giving you perfect tension and tones every time
  • Protective cap also doubles as storage for extra Blue “Snap-On™” Reeds
  • Camo cover
  • Sling lanyard
  • USPatent No. D470,068
Super Pack Bugle
Model 939

If what you need is a bugle that is compact and easy to carry but reproduces calf, cow and bull sounds then you can’t go wrong with our Super Pack Bugle. You won’t find a more realistic, easy-to-use, compact bugle. The Super Pack Bugle features the patented Blue “Snap-On” Reed and mouthpiece with Support Shelf.

Features & Specs
  • Compact Bugle for easy Carry with Amplifier End
  •  Produces Calf, Cow and Bull Sounds
  •  Bugle Extends from 13” to 19”
  • Comes with Mossy Oak Cover
Snap-On Blue Reeds
Model 906

The Blue “Snap-On™” Reeds fit the Terminator™, the Pack Bugle™ and the Bull Horn™. Blue “Snap-On™” Reeds are molded from silicone. Silicone won’t rot like latex and they’re easy to use…just snap ’em on and you’re ready to go. There’s no stretching or frustration trying to tune your call.

Features & Specs
  • Pretuned! No adjustment needed
  • Unlike latex reeds, Primos® silicone reeds can last an entire season
Model 912

The Bull Horn™ is easy, accurate, and super compact. Together the patented “Support Shelf™” mouthpiece and expandable hose of the Bull Horn™ enable you to reproduce accurate bugles and cow calls with variable tones. The hose is also designed to expand from 7″ to 24″ for variable tones and compact carry.

Features & Specs
  • Expandable hose for compact carry
  • Extends from 24″ to 7″
  • Support Shelf™ with Blue Reed
  • Includes Mossy Oak Camo Cover

Elk hunting is tough. People prepare all year getting physically and mentally in shape for their annual 4-7 day hunt. Luckily, it does not take nearly as much time or energy to sound like an elk. Primos Hunting is widely known as the premier elk calls and elk videos on the market. Will Primos’ love for the high country shows through with the quality of elk calls that Primos continues to produce year after year. Primos elk calls come in many shapes, sizes, and sounds. When calling elk, being versatile is key; we have put years of recording and research into our calls. Primos offers a number of bugle calls that serve different purposes; such as the Super Pack Bugle and Bull Horn for easy packing and close, subtle bugles, or the Baffle Bugle and Terminator Bugle for loud, long-range, locating bugles. The options and versatility of the cow calls serve many purposes and depending on your style of hunt will determine which cow calls are best for you. The Primos Team always has an elk mouth call in their mouth at all times. Countless times, they have had bulls spook just before a shot opportunity and with the mouth call, they are able to stop the alerted bull and get off the shot. There are also bite and blow style calls such as the Cowgirl and Lip Service that allows you to be versatile in volume, pitch, and frequency depending on the calling situation. These calls are mainly used by the second caller, or when the elk are still off in the distance but working their way towards the hunter. Lastly, the #1 selling cow call, the Hoochie Mama is a push call that allows even the most novice hunter to continually produce perfect cow sounds with just the push of a button. With our cow elk calls, elk bugles, and mouth calls we made sure you will have the calls necessary to mew, chirp, growl, bugle, and chuckle your next Bull into your freezer.