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The Primos Top Dogg™ takes predator calling in a whole new direction and we mean every direction! Most electronic predator callers broadcast in one or two directions. Top Dogg casts a wide 360° net of realistic calls with unmatched volume, richness and clarity, so you can draw in predators from all directions, not just a few! And... Read More


  • Full 360° of sound coverage 
  • 110 dB at Device, 64 dB at 500 Yards 
  • Built-in subwoofer for realistic tones 
  • Links to other Dogg Net devices
  • 150 Preloaded Sounds with 15 Expert Hunts 
  • Control the device from your mobile phone 
  • Runs on AA batteries or included rechargable battery
  • Play & Stream music anywhere, anytime!
  • Extends up to 24" to get sound above the grass
  • Easy sound downloads utilizing phone app
  • 400-Yard Remote Included