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Accessories & Gear

Accessories & Gear


Neoprene Bow Sling
Truth Tested
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The Primos® Bow Sling protects your cams, cables and strings so your bow will stay in top shape. The Neoprene Bow Sling is a must when the terrain gets rough. Your hands are free to climb hills or scan the terrain with your binoculars. Once you’ve tried it, you won’t be without it.

Features & Specs
  • Fits most bows 28" to 38" Axle to Axle
  • Fits all parallel limb bows
  • Protects your cams, cables, and strings
  • Wide shoulder strap to reduce slipping
  • Available in Mossy Oak® New Break-Up™ and Realtree® AP Extra™
Pull Up Rope
Model PS6533

Hoist your bow, gun or gear into your treestand with this 30 foot long camo nylon rope. Easily attaches and detaches with snap-hooks at both ends.

Features & Specs
  • 30 Feet Long
  • Snap hooks at Both Ends
Bow Holster
Model PS6535

Attach the Bow Holster to your belt, drop your cam into the cup and relax your arm while waiting for that buck to come by your stand. The padded cup will not allow the cam to dig into your leg and you won’t have to put your bow down. The Bow Holster is not just for hunting. It can also be used for 3-D competition shooting as well.

Features & Specs
  • Helps remain motionless and comfortable while hunting
  • Snap closures for adjustable lengths
  • Keeps your arm from becoming fatigued while shooting 3D
Wind Checker
Truth Tested
Model PS7731

Staying downwind is the most important part of your hunt. If it catches your scent, it’s over. With the Wind Checker™, checking the air and wind currents is a sure thing. Simply pop the flip-top up and squeeze, to check the air and wind to get a minute-by-minute update on where your scent is headed. Whether stalking or selecting the best spot for your stand placement, the Wind Checker™ checks the wind every time.

Features & Specs
  • A perfect mist of unscented powder gives minute-by-minute update on wind direction and your scent
Compact Folding Saw
Model 6018

The Compact-folding saw quietly unfolds and locks into postion. It features a push-button lock on the handle that is safe and simple to use. The handle is lightweight nylon that is over molded with a sure-grip rubber coating. The teeth of the blade are offset to cut through wood like butter.

Features & Specs
  • Offset Teeth
  • Push-Button Lock
Soft Bow Case
Model PS6864

Primos® Soft Bow Case with Arrow Case Pocket is a revolution in simplicity. You no longer have to take off your stabilizer or arrow quiver to safely store your bow. We have added an Arrow Case Pocket so now you can carry your arrows and bow in one easy case.  Simply place your bow in the Soft Bow Case, zip it up and go. Our Soft Bow Case is constructed of 600 DENIER cross dye fabric with weather resistant coating and is completely padded to protect your bow. It has one exterior pocket and two interior pockets to carry accessories. Our Soft Bow Case is exactly what you have been wanting.

Features & Specs
  • Large front pocket for arrow case
  • Heavy-Duty 600-D Polyester Fabric with Weather Resistant Coating
  • Two interior accessory pocket
  • Holds up to a 39" Bow
Tree Accessory Hook
Model PS6540

These light weight and compact Tree Accessory Holders are great for hanging anything from a grunt call to a backpack. The self starting threads make it a breeze to use in any tree. These holders are rubber coated for quiet use.

Features & Specs
  • Hang anything from a grunt call to a backpack
  • Self-starting threads
  • Rubber-coated for quiet use