What are the requirements of a Primos Prostaff member?

Active Primos Prostaff consists of individuals across the country who are independent contractors who perform a service ‘at will’. This is not a paid position. Prostaffers are avid, well respected hunters who act as ambassadors to the public for Primos. Prostaffers must be atleast 28 years old and must have a valid e-mail address which they check daily. Prostaffers must also have a full-time job and sign a consent form, submitting to a criminal background and credit check. Finally, Prostaffers must be proficient in at least three game calling categories with the ability to become skilled with all Primos game calls.

How do I become a Primos Prostaff Member?

If you feel that you meet the requirements, please send Will Primos a letter stating your interest. A Prostaff opening must be available in your state. If we have a position available, we will contact you for more information. Please know that we try not to have Prostaff members that live within a 200 mile radius. Primos Prostaffers operate on a ‘Point System’ and if we have members too close they might begin to compete with each other. That is not how the Prostaff Team operates.

Where do I send my letter?

You can email it to jvaca@bushnell.com

What do the Prostaff members do for Primos?

Members of the active Primos Prostaff are asked to promote Primos and the hunting industry in various ways in their areas of game calling expertise: goose, deer, elk, duck, turkey, predator, etc.

Questions regarding Primos Prostaff?

Contact the Prostaff Manager: John Vaca at jvaca@bushnell.com