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Where are the Turkeys?
5/21/2019 |  1:04:36

The question we've been asked more than any this spring is, "where are the turkeys?" Where are population numbers? where are they in the breeding cycle? are they late? are they early? Questions like these are genuine concerns and usually lead to other questions, such as: why are the season dates set like they are? Is the bag limit too low or too high?

We decided to bring in an expert to help us answer these questions so we brought in Adam Butler, who is the wild turkey program coordinator for the Mississippi Department of Wildlife,Fisheries, and Parks.

If you love turkeys as much as we do, don't miss this episode.

The Light at the End of the Turkey Tunnel
5/13/2019 |  45:45
In this episode, Jordan, Lake, and Troy discuss everything about this past spring season. The good, the bad, and the ugly. What we learned, mistakes we made, new tricks, and the question many have been asking about the turkey population. It has been a springs of several ups and downs but it has never had a dull moment!
Missing Turkeys
4/23/2019 |  30:12
It's time to catch up with the action that has been happening with Team Primos so far this spring. Join Wilbur, Jordan, and Lake as we talk about some of the fun hunts we've had as well as some of the lowest of lows that a turkey hunter can experience, the dreaded sight of seeing a turkey fly off after a miss!
The Future of Turkey Hunting
3/18/2019 |  32:49
This week are speaking with Travis Sumner of the NWTF about the future of turkey hunting as a whole. Turkey hunting is a lifestyle that is cherished by many of us, it's of the utmost importance that we do what it takes to ensure its future. 
From Field to Plate: Gobbling Turkey Edition
3/12/2019 |  30:38
Wild game chef, Jeremiah Doughty has never ceased to bring us a good podcast episode, and this time is no exception. With Spring being just around the corner, gobbling turkeys are the topic of conversation. Hunting them, chasing them, and especially cooking them are among our favorite things to do. So join in on this conversation and see what you can learn!! I can promise you, there's never a dull moment!
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