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Travis Tbone Turner
7/8/2019 |  58:02
Travis Tbone Turner is one of the most liked and recognized faces in the hunting community. He's widely known for his humor, overall positivity, and his unmatched love for hunting. We got the chance to sit down with Tbone to hear his story from start to finish, and believe me, it was nothing short of entertaining, encouraging, and down right comical. Check it out!
  • 2:30 Tbone talks about how thankful he and the rest of the Bone Collector are to have been in the industry this long
  •  4:25 Tbone talks about his early life and how he got started in the hunting industry
  •  5:48 Tbone tells about his start in archery through 3D tournament shooting
  •  9:20 How Tbone got his nickname and how he got started with Bone Collector
  •  11:37 How much technology is changing within our industry
  •  12:50 Lake tells a story about David Blanton
  •  15:09 Tbone tells a funny story about the Primos Fawn Bleat call
  •  16:00 Lake talks about his first times getting to hunt with Will Primos
  •  17:01 the beauty and hardship of taking a chance at doing what you love
  •  19:25 discussing college degrees and learning trades
  •  22:50 Lake asks Tbone about how he maintains such a positive attitude
  •  25:33 Tbone and Lake talk about their mutual friend, UFC light heavyweight Corey Anderson
  •  29:23 deer and turkey hunting in the NorthEast
  •  31:30 What Kinetic energy really means in archery
  •  39:29 Why does everyone put such an emphasis on how fast a bow shoots
  •  42:47 the redneck way to practice long range archery
  •  46:10 a VERY interesting statistic about killing pope and young bucks
  •  48:00 how important it is to not take the fun out of hunting
  •  50:50 Tbone tells a funny story about Levi Morgan
  •  52:30 Tbone talks about how important it is to get others involved in hunting
  •  56:07 The funny story of how this podcast took place
Bow Fishing, Hog Hunting, and School Bus Sized Grouper
7/1/2019 |  30:41
What is there to do for the outdoorsman during the hot summer months? If you find yourself in the state of Florida, you don't have to look very far. Bow fishing, hog hunting, bass fishing,  and salt water fishing just scratches the surface of pastimes in great outdoors available to you there. Also discussed is Florida saltwater wildlife conservation concerns, getting whooped by a goliath grouper, being mesmerized by small sea turtles, and shark phobias. It's a fun-filled episode you don't want to miss. 

2:00 Lake and Brad discuss the variety of outdoor recreation available in Florida
3:45 funny stories and sights of being on the saltwater for the first time
5:35 Lake and Brad discuss the controversy behind the Goliath Grouper
10:58 The art of bow fishing
12:50 the old days of bow fishing, building bow fishing rigs out of make-shift material
16:54 how easy it is to start bow fishing
21:50 Hunting Hogs
25:00 How detrimental are hogs to the land?
The Hunter Chef
6/24/2019 |  41:23
The feeling of making a meal out of something you hunted yourself is unlike any other. Our guest this week, Michael Hunter, has built his life around that very feeling. We talk hunting, fishing, wild foraging, hunting in Canada vs hunting in the south, and top it all of with a very interesting story of how Michael had to deal with some problems from animal rights activists. 

1:22 discuss the recent shooting in Toronto and the current gun laws there
 7:39 Michael’s background and how he became a wild game chef
 10:56 The story of Lake’s mother killing her first deer
 12:00 the art of wild foraging
 20:00 Michael tells about Antler, the restaurant he runs in Toronto
 22:19 Michael tells the story of the animal rights activists protesting his restaurant
 30:51 Michael’s relationship with MossyOak
 33:11 Hunting in Canada compared to hunting in the Southern U.S
 34:39 Hog hunting
 39:30 how to find The Hunter Chef on social media
Muscadine Bloodline
6/17/2019 |  30:24
It can be hard to squeeze in time to hunt when you're busy touring all around playing country music. That's exactly what our podcast guests, Charlie and Gary, from Muscadine Bloodline face on a daily basis. This episode is a whirlwind of fun stories from two great guys who love what they do, love the outdoors, and love the opportunity to share their thoughts and passions with us. 

0:57 The story of how we got Muscadine Bloodline on the show
2:28 Gary and Charlie’s background; how they got started
5:35 What the schedule of popular country music duo is like
9:20 similarities between the hunting industry and the music industry
15:10 Gary and Charlie’s hunting background
20:27 Charlie’s first hunting experiences
22:57 Gary and Charlie tell what the biggest misconception about their job is
Where There's Smoke, There's Fuego: A Story of Redemption
6/10/2019 |  54:31
This isn’t just a story for upland hunters, or dog owners. It’s about tragedy, perseverance, motivation and passion. Anthony Ferro joins us this week to talk about his love of the uplands, and the story which has led him across the country hunting birds. He explains the basis of Fetching Feathers, the tragic story about losing his two dogs Gnarli and Radar in a house fire, and how he has persevered from it. Anthony also gives us a run down on his two new dogs, aptly named Smoke and Fuego, along with what he has in store for the fall. Stay tuned, you won’t want to miss this episode!

0:40 introduction to Anthony Ferro
2:20 Anthony’s tells his introduction to upland hunting
4:07 Why choose upland hunting over deer hunting?
6:00 Anthony tells the story of his first turkey hunt
8:19 Anthony tells the story of his first pheasant hunt
10:06 Ben and Lake talk about their first bird hunting experiences
12:16 Anthony tells of duck and pheasant combo hunt
13:00 The story of founding Fetching Feathers
17:50 The story of Rocky Mountain bird dogs, and how Anthony became a full-time dog trainer
18:56 The story of the house fire
27:37 How he responded to the adversity
30:00 What Anthony learned through losing his dogs
31:55 The G&R Foundation
37:17 Anthony tells us about the new dogs, Smoke and Fuego
44:00 Anthony talks about his plans for the upcoming season
49:15 Where to find Anthony on social media, Youtube, etc.
50:53 Anthony tells a funny story about his new kennel
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