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Eric Dinger of Powderhook
6/11/2018 |  36:21
Eric Dinger is the founder and CEO of Powderhook, an organization with the mission of making hunting and fishing accessible for all. In this episode, Lake talks with Eric about the current state of hunting and fishing in our country and what Powderhook and others are doing to help ensure than hunting, fishing, and conservation will still be around in the future.
6/4/2018 |  31:40
Chad Mendes is more than just an incredible and successful fighter in the UFC. He’s also an avid outdoorsman that has been hunting his whole life. In this episode, Lake talks with Chad about his beginnings in the outdoors, how he balances his hunting with his busy fighting schedule, using his wildgame meat for food during training camps, and swap some fun hunting stories!
Memorial Day with Tom Fuller
5/29/2018 |  21:52
Memorial Day is special day for our country. In this special episode we talk with our good friend, Tom Fuller, who served in the military for over 20 years, most of that time being spent as an Army Ranger. We discuss the importance of Memorial Day, and about an incredible organization called Ranger Road that Tom works with that helps veterans transition from military to civilian life.
The Hunting Public With Aaron Warbritton
5/17/2018 |  42:27
Aaron Warbritton is one of the hosts of the new online video series, The Hunting Public. He is also one of the best out there when it comes to being consistently successful on public lands all across the country. In this episode, we talk with Aaron about some of the strategies he and the team use to find and kill turkeys. We also talk about some of the struggles they have faced this spring, and what the future looks like for The Hunting Public’s upcoming video content.
Mountain Lions and Turkey Struggles
5/8/2018 |  33:01
It has been said all across the country this spring, “It’s been a weird year.” In this episode we share our thoughts on why we think the season may have been a little different than normal for you, and maybe a little more difficult. We can talk from experience because we’ve faced the same struggles ourselves! We also talk about a CLOSE encounter with a New Mexico mountain lion that decided 60 yards from our campsite was a good place to be!
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