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Closing In
11/30/2017 |  26:02
Brad Farris and Lake continue their hunt for the biggest deer on Cottonmouth that they call “Rocker”, and it seems like they are closer to getting him now than ever before!! They also talk about current deer activity, different strategies they have tried this season to make the whole team more successful, and how the woods are starting to change as a result of being right on the fringes of the rut!!
Missed Opportunities
11/20/2017 |  46:34
Lake sits down to catch up with Troy Ruiz and Jordan Blissett to get caught up on all the success they had while he and Brad were elk hunting out west. They talk about ways to still find success during the dreaded “lull” period of the season, current deer patterns they are seeing at Cottonmouth, and Lake tells about how he and Brad snuck in a little TOO CLOSE to the biggest deer on the whole property!!!
Nevada Public Land Elk Hunting, a 19 year wait
11/13/2017 |  24:50
Brad Farris has waited 19 years to finally draw a tag for a public land elk hunt in Nevada. After a 3 day adventure spent hiking, glassing, and killing a great bull, Brad and Lake sit down to discuss the ins and outs of the hunt, what made them successful, and all the cutting-up and fun that happened along the way!
Early Season Buck Action from Cottonmouth
11/2/2017 |  40:23
Lake Pickle and Jordan Blissett have experienced the current action from Cottonmouth first-hand. They sit down to discuss successful hunts, what made those hunts work, and a few funny mishaps in camp that happened along the way!!
Midwest rut kick off: calling tips
10/31/2017 |  38:29
Every whitetail hunter in the Midwest dreams about the month of November, and there are fewer things more exciting than calling a buck into bow range!! We sit down to discuss anything and everything involving calling in whitetails. We talk Timing, tips and tactics, stand setups specifically for calling, what has worked for us in the past, as well as our own mistakes. We cover it all!!
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