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Janis Putelis: Sweat Equity Elk Calling
9/3/2019 |  1:02:36
Janis Putelis from the popular series, MeatEater, is no stranger to elk hunting. A number of years spent in elk country during the rut, and his vast experiences on hunting them in different places has given him great incite on how to tackle any hunting scenario from start to finish. Join us this week as we discuss grizzly attacks, old hunting stories, scouting methods, magic elk circles, and working up a sweat from calling elk. This an episode you don't want to miss. 
Elk Hunting with Jay Scott
8/26/2019 |  50:55
This week we’ll be talking elk with our friend Jay Scott. Jay has been chasing elk in some of the  best areas in the country for over 20 years, making him a wealth of knowledge for all things related to elk hunting. We’ll discuss some of his favorite scouting, hunting, and calling techniques that can help anyone have a better chance at success this upcoming season. We'll also hear some fun stories from the past, as well some of the plans for this upcoming September!
Breaking Into September: The New Elk Hunter's Guide to Success
8/19/2019 |  1:16:50
This episode is built for the new elk hunter. For the hunter who is heading out west in September for the first time, the hunter who has gone a few seasons but never gotten the chance to kill one, and even for the hunter has killed an elk or two but is still learning. Get the perspective from two guys who are in the same position as you, but have gotten the opportunity to watch and learn from some of the best elk hunters out there. We go over everything from the gear we take, to our bow set ups, and even the thoughts that go through your head when that big bull is coming into bow range. This episode is full of good information from beginning to finish, and can make you more successful this upcoming elk season.
Whitetail Prep: Hanging Stands & Setting Cameras
8/14/2019 |  44:11
Getting ready for deer season is just as important as the hunt itself. We recently returned from week long scouting trip in Kansas. We break down the steps we take in figuring out new properties, determining stand locations, and setting trail cameras in order to get us ready for the upcoming season. If you are a deer hunter to any degree, this podcast could be very beneficial into learn a few preseason tactics to help you be more successful in the woods. 
The Hog Problem
8/5/2019 |  34:33
Wild hogs are among the most prolific invasive species in America's history. They cause millions of dollars worth of damage every single year, and the problem doesn't seem to be subsiding. We talking MDWFP nuisance species biologist, Anthony Ballard, to discuss the origins of the problem, as well solutions for controlling them. 

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