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Big Deer, Small Country
10/7/2019 |  54:21
One of the most common requests we get is to cover successfully managing/hunting deer on small tracts of land. Lake and our good friend, Keith Polk dive into this subject head on and discuss first hand experiences, as well as practical and easily applicable things to do to give you a better chance at success when hunting these areas. 
Get It In the Ground
9/30/2019 |  32:20
So much of how we hunt deer revolves around what they eat. I can speak for the whole Primos team in saying that food plots have drastically changed how we hunt at Cottonmouth, as well as our success rate. This week, Jordan and I go over in great detail, our step-by-step process of planting. We cover everything from, equipment used, spraying, bush-hogging, discing, planting, and fertilizing. There's no stone left unturned, nor seed left unplanted. Enjoy! 
Bugle Your Heart Out: Elk Season Wrap Up
9/23/2019 |  1:23:23
This is the most live update podcast episode we have ever done. With one day of elk hunting left for Team Primos, myself and Troy sit down to go over everything that has happened so far during this elk season. We have had plenty of highs as well as plenty of lows, and thankfully walked away with a lot of new things learned. So dive into this conversation with us and learn and laugh as you hear the emotional roller coaster that is bow hunting elk.
The Good Ole Days
9/16/2019 |  47:23
We've all heard Will's side of the story of how Primos Hunting got started. Jimmy's side of the story however, has been virtually left untold. Today, we mean to change that. We sat down with Jimmy to get all the details of how Primos Hunting grew into what it is today. From the early days of building calls in a garage, to his first experience hunting with a video camera, this is an episode you don't want to miss. 
Kevan Smith
9/9/2019 |  1:04:14
This week on the Podcast we are Joined by Kevan Smith, a passionate outdoorsman and just also happens to play Major League baseball as a catcher for the Angels. I always love to have people from different walks of life on this podcast and hear their story, hear how they got to where they are now and what keeps them motivated. Kevan is great guy that truly loves hunt, and any person like that always makes for a good conversation. We talk bow hunting, the crazy schedule of major league baseball player, wild game cooking, public land hunting, and much more! 
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