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Where Legends Are Born
11/11/2019 |  50:57
Managing deer is always a hot topic. We love bringing in different experts from that field to hear their different opinions on what works. Jimmy Riley has been running Giles Island for 24 years, and is no stranger to big deer. Jordan and I picked his brain on the different things and practices he put into place that has helped make Giles Island such a hot bed for truly big white tails.
Wilbur’s Deer Calling Clinic
11/4/2019 |  50:03
Fewer things are more exciting to a deer hunter than calling a buck into range. In this episode, we pick Will's brain on everything we can think about when it comes to successfully calling deer in. Different types of calls, using calls together in a sequence, rattling, timing, stand setups for calling. We cover all of it. This podcast episode is built for any and every whitetail hunter that has any interest in calling. Wilbur is a wealth of knowledge on the subject and he never hesitates to give us the good stuff. Check it out!
Brad’s Strategies for Whitetail Land Management
10/28/2019 |  36:00
Questions about managing tracts of land for whitetail hunting is always at the forefront of requests for show topics. This week we pick Brad's brain on things that he likes to do to improve properties to better hold and hunt deer all throughout the season. We cover everything from food sources, to cover, to specifics on entry and exit. We do our best to cover all of it! 
The Good Ole Days: Brad Farris
10/22/2019 |  33:22
Brad has been a member of the Primos team since the early days, and is easily one of the most respected and recognized faces throughout the hunting industry. So it only made sense to us that we sit down with Brad and get him to tell his story, and we were not disappointed. From first bow hunting experiences, meeting Will Primos in an archery shop, hunting rats in his attic, to finally landing a job on the Primos video team, this is an episode that is definitely worth a listen!
Hunter Renfroe
10/14/2019 |  41:18
We love the opportunity to bring people on this show that come from all different walks of life. It gives us the chance to get different perspectives and better understandings. Our good friend, Hunter Renfroe, has been playing baseball for the San Diego Padres since 2013, and can tell us from first hand experience what it's like to put the extreme work schedule of an MLB outfielder against a strong love for hunting and time in the outdoors. As always, there are several good stories and laughs along the way. 

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