Will Primos

At the age of five, one could already see the passion in Will Primos’ eyes. Will couldn’t wait until he was old enough to tag along with the older guys on one of the family’s many duck hunts. In 1963, … More


Jimmy Primos

Jimmy graduated from Ole Miss with a degree in business, served as a Marine officer in Vietnam, and was an account executive at Merrill Lynch before joining Primos Hunting. Jimmy has hunted all over the United States and Canada as … More


Brad Farris

Brad Farris was born and raised in Jackson, MS, where he spent more time fishing on the Ross Barnett Reservoir and hunting in Jasper County than in school. After graduating high school, Brad was hired full time at Indian Archery … More


Slade Reeves

Slade was raised in L.A. (Lower Alabama) and grew up hunting and fishing with his dad and grandfather. He knew early in life that his calling was in the great outdoors. He started shooting at age 12. “My mom could … More

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