Lift & Lock™

Model No. 65499
  • When hunting in the West most of us take both a tri pod for our optics and shooting sticks into the field. The Primos Lift & Lock™ allows you to use your tri pod or any other rigid shaft and turn it into a secure solid rifle rest. The Lift & Lock™ is made from rubber coated aluminum: it will not scratch your gun or tripod. It is light weight and it sets up in seconds. Simply attach it to one of your tri pod legs and have you a rock solid gun rest. The Lift & Lock™ works on most tri pods and shooting sticks.


    • U.S. Patent Pending
    • Attaches to most tripod legs to be used as an additional gun rest
    • Super fast up and down adjustment
    • Allows for spotting scope/accessory attachment on top to Trigger Stick
    • Soft rubber coating for silent operation and comfortable grip