At A Glance™ Software

PRIMOS HUNTING - At A Glance™ Software
  • The easiest way to view and organize trail cam photos. At A Glance™ allows you to view your photos in a “slide show” format that you can speed up, down and even pause. “Flag” photos of interest so you can view them later or share them with friends over various social media platforms. At A Glance™ software works with all trail camera photos.




  • NOTE TO MAC / APPLE USERS:  The MAC install files shipped on the V1.0 CD were incorrect and not properly scripted to install the application on an APPLE system.  PLEASE USE THE LINKS BELOW  to install JAVA 6 (or test that it is installed) and THEN use the direct link below to install the AT A GLANCEapplication.  This error has been corrected on V1.1 and higher of the CDs.

    JAVA 6 download page (JAVA 6 is required for the AT A GLANCE software):

    The above JAVA link will first test your system for the most current version of JAVA.

    If JAVA is properly installed, you can then install AT A GLANCE.

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