Big Bucks

PRIMOS HUNTING - Big Bucks New Product
  • After nearly three decades chasing deer all over the country, Truth 23 finds us back home where it all began. While my friends and I are after some big bucks up at my place, Rivers Run, cousin Jimmy and Brad Farris are breaking in Cottonmouth, Jimmy’s new camp located in the bottomlands between a tall levee and the big river. There was just no way our divided camps weren’t going to cause some good-natured rivalry, and that’s just what happened, with each of us trying to prove who really knows whitetails. We’ll let you be the judge!

    So join Jimmy, Brad, and I, along with some friends both old and new, for some down home good times and good hunting on Truth 23!

    ~ Will Primos

    • 3 hours
    • 9 bow hunts
    • 17 gun hunts



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