Imaka Da BullCrazy™

Model No. 935
PRIMOS HUNTING - Imaka Da BullCrazy™
  • You probably thought that we had lost our minds when you read the name of this call for the first time. We named it “IMAKA DA BULLCRAZY ™” because the call was so effective during the trial period for our 06 elk season. More than once we said, “Make Him Crazy”, which is meant, “Get on that Call”, Pinch, squeeze, and manipulate the bell to vary the pitch of the call so you can sound like multiple cow elk. This call gives you that sliding cow elk language that says “I’m The Real Thing”. The IMAKA DA BULLCRAZY ™ comes with an orange mouthpiece for normal or close in calling.


    • Normal or Close In Calling
    • Manipulatable to sound like multiple cow elk
    • U.S. Patent No. 5,910,039



  • If you are having problems with the reed(s) sticking on the call: simply wipe the reed to clear it of any dirt or excess moisture.

    There are also parts available for this call. If you need parts or need information on returning the call for repair, visit our Customer Support help site.