Hyper Lip®

Model No. 933
  • The Hyper LIP® Single with Tone Converter™ makes calling in elk easy. The open single-reed reproduces the high pitches of cows and calves. Removing the Tone Converter™ allows louder calling when locating or calling bulls from longer distances. The Hyper LIP® Single with Tone Converter™ takes all the guesswork out of calling bulls up close.


    • Open single-reed achieves higher pitch of cows and calves
    • Tone Converter™ produces mellow and softer tones so important for calling in those call-shy bulls
    • US Patent No. 5,910,039



  • If you are having problems with the reed(s) sticking on the call: simply wipe the reed to clear it of any dirt or excess moisture.

    There are also parts available for this call. If you need parts or need information on returning the call for repair, visit our Customer Support help site.