Hoss Bugle™

Model No. 947
  • The Hoss Bugle™ is a competition style elk bugle that has been designed to dominate in the field. Its big, accurate sound reaches way out to locate and call in bulls. It comes with Primos patented Support Shelf™ mouthpiece and snap-on Blue Reeds that make bugling simple. If you want the bugle that amplifies to an extreme decibel level and reaches way out, you want the Hoss Bugle™.


    • Large resonator sound chamber amplifies to an extreme decibel level for realistic, long distance calling
    • Patented mouth piece and Support System™ with Blue Reed
    • Soft flexible chamber allows quiet and easy packing
    • U.S. Patent Nos. 5,735,725; 5,885,125; 6,572,430 & 6,767,270



  • If you are missing pieces to your bugle we have them available for you, or if you have a question about any of the bugles, visit our Customer Service help site.