Buck Roar®

Model No. 750
  • The Buck ROAR® reproduces a deep, resonating aggressive grunt that is made by bucks during the rut. Bucks make this aggressive grunt when they are trying to get an Estrus doe to stop or to warn other bucks to get away from the hot doe they are trailing. Now you can reproduce that aggressive grunt sound bucks make when their testosterone levels are through the roof.


    • Strap for mounting to your wrist or arm
    • Makes perfect grunts
    • Challenge-Wheeze – The Challenge-Wheeze is mounted to the top of the call and is low profile but is LOUD.
    • Compass
    • U.S. Patent Nos. D555,530 & 5,910,039



  • If your grunt call is defective it’s more than likely the reed that is the problem. This reed(s) can be replaced very easily. You may order reeds or any other part for this call by contacting us through primos.zendesk.com.