Upright Jake™

Model No. 69093
PRIMOS HUNTING - Upright Jake™
  • The Upright Jake™ from Primos is a great addition to your current decoy set-up. The Upright Jake™ paired along with a hen will get a weary gobbler’s attention and bring him in looking for a fight.

    The Upright Jake™ is made from a lightweight durable rubber material that will last for many seasons to come


    • Upright Jake™ Decoy
    • Mobile™ Series Ground Breaker Decoy Stake



  • If your decoy is wrinkled upon receipt. To straighten the decoy, simply either a) heat up the material with a blow dryer (be careful not to overheat) or b) use hot water on the decoy to form. Once you get the decoy shaped to where you like it, place it in the sun for several hours so the material can build a memory. Once this is done one time you will not have to repeat this process until next season.

    We do have replacement parts for this decoy. If would like to order replacement parts, please visit our Customer Support Website.