Jelly Head™ Maximum

PRIMOS HUNTING - Jelly Head™ Maximum New Product
  • “Maximum Range Turkey Choke Tube.”

    Designed to increase the range and pattern density of your favorite turkey gun! The Jelly Head Maximum utilizes an extended taper and fluted ports to tighten patterns up to 20% and reduce recoil…allowing you to stop Gobblers in their tracks at even longer ranges!

    We utilize proprietary Black-T coating, the same protective barrier utilized by the military’s Special Forces to prevent rust and corrosion on weapons in the harshest environments, like turkey hunting.

    • Mossberg® 835/935 12 ga .
      (.690 constriction)
    • Benelli®/Beretta® 12 ga.
      (.655 constriction)
    • RemChoke 20 ga.
      (.570 constriction)
    • Invector Plus 12 ga.
      (.670 constriction)
    • RemChokeSupertight 12 ga.
      (.660 constriction)
    • Invector 12 ga.
      (.660 constriction)
    • Benelli® Crio 12 ga.
      (.660 constriction)
    • Beretta® Xtrema I & II 12 ga.
      (.660 constriction)
    • Benelli®/Beretta® 20 ga.
      (.570 constriction)



  • Jelly Head™ Maximum choke tubes are not designed to shoot steel shot. Check and make sure your gun is unloaded before installing or removing the Jelly Head™ choke tube. Make sure barrel is clear and never fire a shell when barrel is obstructed, serious injury and barrel damage could occur.