Truth About Hunting E21S12

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Kevin Meacham, Jordan Goza, Chris Ashley, and Cody Kelley are all headed to Colorado to spot and stalk deer in the open grass fields and alfalfa fields of Eastern Colorado.


Will Primos Talks Elk Bugling

With elk season quickly approaching, here are a few tips on elk bugling that Team Primos uses to be successful in the elk woods.

The best way to blow a bugle is to place you upper lip on the support shelf with your lower lip just touching the edge of the reed.  The harder you blow the higher the pitch. Higher pitch bugles are more intense and carry further on windy days. Continue reading


Tags Have Been Drawn

The fall is approaching very quickly, and Team Primos is shooting bows and finalizing the hunt schedule and ready to hit the woods. The team will hit the road first, August 27th, headed to Wyoming for Antelope and Deer. Once the first trip starts, the team will be all over the road. Continue reading